Douglas Quinn -- Author

Douglas Quinn


Douglas Quinn is the author of over twenty-four books, including:

The Ellis Family Suspense/Thrillers: The Catalan Gambit, The Spanish Game and The Capablanca Variation-The End Game

The Webb Sawyer Mysteries: Blue Heron Marsh, Pelican Point, Swan's Landing and Egret's Cove (June 2015)

Four of a Kind: an Anthology of Mystery and Suspense edited by Douglas Quinn with stories by J. R. Lindermuth, Carol Rzadkiewicz, Douglas Quinn (a Webb Sawyer novelette) and Sara Williams 

The Ancester Series: Cornelius The Orphan and Samuel the Pioneer

The Adventures of Quinn Higgins: Boy Detective Series (Children's Chapter Books): The Case of the Missing Homework, The Case of Bigfoot on the Loose, The Case of the Haunted House and The Case of Blackbeards Treasure, The Case of the Lost U-Boat and The Case of The Gray Ghost's Belt Buckle

The Adventures of Summer McPhee of Ocracoke Island Series (Children's Chapter Books): The Midnight Skulker, Kilroy Was Here! and The Pink Lady

Charles and Hero Series (Children's Chapter Books): Charles of Colshire Castle-The Purple Dragon, Isle of Mists and The Dreadmen

Little Books for Little Readers Series (ages 4-7): Gracie the Undercover Beagle and her Sidekick Boston Blackie--The Egg Thief, Solstice the Determined Beagle--Long Journey Home and Gracie the Undercover Beagle and her Sidekick Boston Blackie--Little Miss Stinky (August 2015)